Motherboard: AOpen AX4SPE Max Review :: Introduction

08-29-2003 · Category: Motherboards

By Doc Overclock

AOpen has been manufacturing PC components for almost twenty years now as they were established in Dec 1996 by Simon Lin and with that experience under their belt they have refined the way they make and sell products. AOpen has 1900 employees worldwide and has many companies under its Global IT corporate name including Acer, DMS, AOpen, Wistron, Nexus and New Wave products. Personally my experience with AOpen has come in the form of CDRW/DVD drives and this is actually the first motherboard I have ever seen from these guys. The other products I have used from them have always worked well and I am expecting that same quality to be shown in their motherboards and from a glance I do not think I will be disappointed with my expectations of the AX4SPE. From the first I was interested in what AOpen had up their sleeves and when they contacted us for a review I was game from the onset especially since they claimed it had an abundance of features not found on many other boards.

We take a lot of flack sometimes from people who feel that the fastest motherboard means it is the best motherboard irregardless of its features and just a quick education will inform you that the measly 2-3% performance difference between the slowest and fastest board does not warrant that board as the best there is as that is just too small of a margin. What separates an Editors choice board from another board of the same genre are the features and AOpen threw in as much gizmo and gadgetry as could be possible on an Intel 865PE chipset board without reinventing the wheel, making it a very solid and well rounded motherboard for the consumer. In all actuality this is one of the most feature oriented boards around and I think that will give it an edge in this dog eat dog PC market where shelf life gets shorter and shorter each round. Let us dig a bit deeper and see what this board can do in the lab and see if its performance can balance its features. Read on!