Motherboard: Epox 8RDA3+ Review :: Introduction

06-23-2003 · Category: Motherboards

By Benjamin Sun

Epox Computer Corporation, with 10 years of computer experience, was founded in February of 1995. Since then, they've manufactured a huge amount computer and communication equipment, including motherboards, soundcards, graphics cards and other equipment. In the motherboard department, Epox has made boards based on chip sets for both of the Intel and AMD platforms and used chipsets from all of the major manufacturers including Intel, NVIDIA, and VIA.

Epox released their first nForce2 chipset in late 2002 along with the other manufacturers of those boards based upon NVIDIA's newest chipset. The name of this board was the Epox 8RDA and it was a fairly popular motherboard. Epox, one of the top second-tier motherboard makers in Taiwan, didn't stop there. Epox also released the EP-8RDA+, the EP-8RGA and now the EP-8RDA3+.

The EP-8RDA3+ is based upon NVIDIA's latest nForce2 400 Ultra chipset. NVIDIA recently released this chipset (April 2003) as a update to their nForce2 chipset. The key additions to the nForce2 chipset that the 400 Ultra gains are 400MHz FSB support, full 400MHz DDR support (the previous boards had "special support for 400MHz memory) and improvements on the previous generation's stability and performance.