Motherboard: ASUS P4C800 Deluxe Review :: Introduction

06-06-2003 · Category: Motherboards

By Doc Overclock

ASUS has been the industry leader for many years now due in no small part to their ever vigilant and successful R&D and marketing teams that just seem to come up with high quality PC products at every turn. MSI has been trying to challenge them for the top spot lately but still has not been able to pull the brass ring away from ASUS as they still maintain an edge over their competitors in this field. Motherboards and VGA cards are the most known products from this company but they delve into other areas with the same tenaciousness with varied success. The laptop or notebook market whichever you prefer to call it has paid off well for ASUS as they were one of the first companies to offer custom configured portable PC products to the masses. I heard many voodoo warnings about the quality of ASUS products taking a nose dive since they moved their main FAB plant to China but this has seemed to have no effect in real world events as the boards I have seen lately still shine with ASUS quality.

ASUS has never been seen to choose one camp or the other when it comes to platform support and this shows in their product line, which reflects relations with all the major chipset makers in addition to both Intel and AMD as their partners. Reviewers across the web tend to agree about the solid performance and overclocking options that ASUS has to offer resulting in enthusiasts flocking to their banner. The P4C800 Deluxe is a board that is both solid and a bit controversial as it takes the Canterwood design in a different direction than most will feel is the standard as the do not implement the ICH5/R for their RAID support opting for a Promise controller in its stead. Niso my partner in crime here on had initial doubts about the validity of this design but it seems to actually propel the board into the next level performance and features wise so in the end we were satiated about the product and its abilities. Read on as we take a closer in-depth look at the new P4C800 Deluxe from ASUS.