Motherboard: Intel D865PERL (Springdale) Review :: Introduction

05-30-2003 · Category: Motherboards

By Doc Overclock

Intel has been the driving force behind many of the technologies we all take for granted in our daily use of our PC and without them who knows where the hardware world would be in its current form. When you think Intel what typically pops right into the mind is the word stability. We all know that most motherboard releases that come directly from them are not the fastest or usually the most feature fleshed out boards available as they mainly leave this to their partners. This is due in part to Intel trying to beat the release clock as well as trying to maintain that stable system platform we all know and rely on. Why? Well for one thing Intel is primarily a chipset and CPU design infrastructure that makes boards mainly for the sole purpose of having a board that supports their products available for those who swear by Intel products alone and as a reference design for other to build on.

Everyone knows that large manufactures such as ASUS, MSI or ABIT to name a few and sorry to anyone I didn't, always make the more enthusiasts based products and this bodes well for the partners of Intel who try and leap frog one another to make the best board of that particular chipset line. A month or so back we reviewed Intel's latest weapon in their arsenal the new 3.0GHz Quad-Piped 800MHz FSB processor and the Canterwood chipset that propelled them way ahead of the competition for the time being. The new 865PERL offers the user a chipset that is only slightly different than the Canterwood but compensates with some of the best on-board features available including two new audio advances that are sure to be pleasing to the multimedia crowd. ADI technologies SoundMAX 4.0 and Sonic Focus 1.0 are two outstanding features that will change the way you listen to audio on your home PC. Read along as I take you on a tour of the Intel's D865PERL.