Motherboard: ASUS A7N8X Deluxe Review :: Introduction

03-13-2003 · Category: Motherboards

By Doc Overclock

ASUS is one hard company to keep down and they usually always come up with a very viable board for every chipset on the desktop platform. Case in point the new A7N8X which is a very feature filled and user-oriented product that is engineered as an enthusiasts board. ASUS is still the number one company worldwide and provides the motherboards for a large part of the retail and OEM market.

I waited and let all the patches and updates get released before going forward with my testing as this gives the drivers and BIOS time to mature to their best state. So far the AMD 3000+ has been one of the most stable CPU's I have ever gotten from the folks over in Texas and the board just seems to be a worker, making for a good match with the AMD Athlon series of CPU's.

Intel's new P4 with Hyper-Threading technology has overshadowed the AMD platform over the past few months and the alternate scoring and CPU identification of the AMD line has only confused the market further. Hey I get the point AMD, but do the masses? Well hopefully with platform support from the likes of veterans like ASUS, AMD popularity will blossom once again. Let us take a look at NVIDIA's latest entry into the chipset market the N-Force 2. Made on ASUS silicon the NVIDIA chipset is proving to be a very solid solution for the AMD platform and the A7N8X is built to please. A special thanks to Jerry at for providing the board for this review, thanks guy!