Motherboard: Soltek SL-85MR3-R Review :: Introduction

01-31-2003 · Category: Motherboards

By Doc Overclock

Soltek is a company that has been making fast motherboards for the retail market for many years now and they have made quite a good name for themselves in the European and the Asian marketplace. Recently Soltek has opened up a branch of their company in the San Jose area and this should pan out to be a good thing for this company if they play their cards right and make the right marketing choices including dealing with the various press sites here in an efficient and in a timely manner. Americans buy what they are familiar with and trust, that comes from a strong marketing presence and committed name branding.

In the past the contacts for Soltek including tech and RMA have all been abroad or through the vendor which has hurt them here in the US market, hopefully having a team on American soil will improve customer relations in these areas. Currently they are seeking new blood for their team by way of resellers and distributors here in the US and if you are interested they have information available on their site that will help you in that venture. Currently we take a look at the SL-85MR3-R one of the latest and fastest boards from Soltek supporting the Intel P4 platform. Can they once again take the top position performance wise? Read on and get all the details inside.