Motherboard: ASUS P4T533 Review :: Introduction

12-16-2002 · Category: Motherboards

By Doc Overclock

RAMBUS is being phased out folks. That's right, after a year or so of not gaining widespread acceptance Intel has officially decided to quit supporting RDRAM and move on to the more user oriented DDR SDRAM platform. Is this a good or bad thing? Only time will tell but I believe Intel has made the right decision in this regard and my money is on DDR as well.

There is really nothing that negative about RAMBUS in the current picture, but when the memory was first introduced to the market it had a lot of things going against it that made the general consensus about it a none too positive thing. High priced and hard to get a hold off made the introduction of RAMBUS come on a sour note and with the onset of faster and faster DDR its appeal became even more lackluster as time went by.

Right now RAMBUS prices are at the lowest ever so if you have a RAMBUS board or want one now is the time to buy. The latest RIMM4200 or PC1066 RAMBUS is still fast memory and in some applications can work better than DDR but for the most part PC2700 DDR SDRAM is just as fast and better priced across the board. This board and the Gigabyte P4T Titan will be the last boards of this type to grace my lab and bring to an end the RAMBUS debacle that has plagued Intel since its introduction. The P4T533 is a nice motherboard in its own respect so let us take a deeper look at it. Special thanks to Jerry at for providing the board and CPU for this review, thanks Jerry.