Motherboard: ASUS P4PE Review :: Introduction

11-27-2002 · Category: Motherboards

By Niso Levitas

Intel has gone too fast this time. We were waiting to test the new 845PE chipset but they have released another new chipset, Granite Bay i7205 chipset. The 845PE is nothing more than a 845E with Hyper threading and official DDR 333 support. On the other hand i7205 supports Dual Channel DDR and AGP 8x but it doesn't support DDR333. Dual Channel requires you to install two sticks of memory instead of one and pumps data from two channels. The advantage is obvious but why back to DDR266? I saw Dual channel DDR333 and DDR400 on Intel's roadmap. So hold on to your horses. It will not be an easy ride for you to choose your chipset for the next six months.

Chipset 845E 845PE i7205
AGP Type AGP 4x AGP 4x AGP 8x
Memory Type DDR266 DDR333 DDR266
Memory Channels Single Channel Single Channel Dual Channel
Hyper-threading No Yes Yes

The ASUS P4PE is a good example of the new 845PE motherboards. The testing, review, and photo shoot took longer than ever for this feature filled motherboard.