Motherboard: MSI KT 4 Ultra :: Conclusion

10-31-2002 · Category: Motherboards

By Doc Overclock

The KT400 chipset series of boards in general I feel should probably be avoided due to the fact that another revision of this chipset is coming very soon and I would personally wait for that series of boards before jumping on the KT400 bandwagon.

MSI themselves admits to the memory problems these boards are encountering on a continuing basis as does Shuttle and many other manufactures. When I say I would not buy this board it is not a shot at MSI but a slap to VIA who is responsible for providing a stable chipset for the AMD platform.

If you must have a KT400 chipset board this product is overloaded with feature options that should appeal to many different users and if you are not overclocking and use high-end memory you might be satisfied with what is offered here.

The Good

  • Feature enriched with the latest technology

The Bad

  • Memory problems are abundant
  • Overclocking is limited by flaws in the KT400 chipset

The ugly

  • None

Doc out