Motherboard: Epox 8K3A+ Review :: Conclusion

09-17-2002 · Category: Motherboards

By Doc Overclock

All BS aside EPOX has a solid stable solution in the 8K3A+ that should please many an enthusiast looking for a stable home for their AMD CPU. For this generation of chipset boards this is one of the fastest dogs in the pack and can hold its own in this arena.

The board is very functional but offers no really flashy features such as a colored PCB, more than 4 USB ports, serial ATA, true 5.1 digital sound options or a LAN adapter. There are those out there who terminally do not like their boards hopped up with too many on-board features and if you are one of these types this might be the pot of gold for you.

In the wake of the KT400 chipsets dominating the performance marketplace we will have to see how the 8K3A+ still holds out in the comparison charts. I am sure EPOX like all the rest of the players will soon have a KT400 solution of their own to show. I hope by Comdex this company has some better marketing personnel to interact with, as I would like to see some progress in their R&D and marketing strategy take bloom.

The Good

Solid stable performance even when overclocked
Easy to update BIOS procedure
Excellent Debug LED

The Bad

Not enough USB support

The Ugly

Capacitors are too close to the AGP port with serious causing damage to many of the high-end VGA solutions currently on the market.

Doc out