Motherboard: Soltek SL-85ERV Review :: Introduction

08-23-2002 · Category: Motherboards

By Doc Overclock

SOLTEK is a company that has still not quite penetrated the American market in any large way and things do not seem to be changing. The main SOLTEK distributor here in the states is MISR and its owner Amr Metwally has worked to change this fact but support from the parent company apparently leaves a lot to be desired.

SOLTEK boards in the past have always panned out to be fast motherboards that have fallen short in the features department. Their motherboards though do seem to be stable and compatible with many various peripherals. I have told their previous representative that they should make a board that has more feature appeal to the enthusiasts but my words must have fallen on deaf ears.

Since the beginning of my relationship with SOLTEK I have had to deal with five different people holding this particular marketing position which shows a good deal of personnel turnover within the company. Jimmy my latest contact seems to have his act together but only time will tell if he will work on a more positive stance on the company's image and product lineup here in the states. I would love to see a supped up board from these folks, as would many others.

Their latest venture into the market shows SOLTEK using the new VIA chipset offering for the Pentium 4 platform. Will this chipset end up in a controversial shoot-out with the Intel giant like their previous submissions did? I hope not as this becomes an issue that confuses the hell out of many users who do not know what the truth really is and causes them to shy away from VIA in favor of Intel. And in the long haul lawsuits and miles of red tape stagnating technology gets everybody nowhere fast.

Is the Sl-85ERV going to be a winner for this striving company or is it destined be just another brick in the wall? In this review we will show you the positive and negative aspects of this new product and whether it is worth your hard earned money. Follow along with us here at and then make your own judgment, but the numbers do not lie and show the real overall value of the board. Read on and get all the intricate details.