Motherboard: ECS L4S5A Review :: Introduction

07-23-2002 · Category: Motherboards

By Doc Overclock

ECS is the company that rules the low-end market and is the one who sets the pace for pricing in this same category. Over in Taiwan and Europe ECS is a much bigger name than here in the states as they garnish much more market share in those areas.

It seems as though by alienating themselves from PC chips ESC has tried to shed its PC Chips ties but the major stockholders are all former PC Chips players so the line of separation is very thin indeed. In reality as long as the products are being made to a quality standard there should be no problems.

For the people who are asking what this all means to them, I will tell you. PC Chips was banned from America for illegal business practices. Case in point the fraud of consumers who were being sold boards with a phony L2 cache that never was even connected or working on the boards in question.

Nowadays that might be considered ancient history but for many the memory is a long one. I personally have seen the new-faced ECS trying to make a comeback in the US market and have been impressed with some of their new product lineup. Has ECS cleaned house and changed its ways? Beyond a high RMA count they seem to be doing a pretty good job of shaping up and forging ahead.

ECS has been recently implementing many boards based around the new breed of SiS chipsets that have become very popular with various system integrators. Currently ECS has released a new VGA card line also based around the SiS chipset that features 8X AGP performance. Today however we take a look at one of their most recent releases for the P4 platform the L4S5A. Keep up.