Motherboard: MSI 845G Max-L :: Introduction

07-11-2002 · Category: Motherboards

By Doc Overclock

MSI is a company that has towed the line between the two major chipset rivals Intel and VIA allowing them the flexibility to design and implement a variety of enthusiast oriented motherboards.

They have also continuously won awards on this site due to their very feature filled motherboards, that although are not usually the fastest boards on the block they always offer the user many options that appeal to the masses.

The 845G MAX-L (MSI Part # MS-6580-010) is one of the latest products to come from this seasoned veteran company. I do not think that any other company has released as many different boards as MSI as every other week it seems they have a new product rolling out from their factories.

Here at we will take you through a guided tour of this newly released motherboard. Follow along and see what MSI now is offering in support of the Intel line. Read on!