Motherboard: Abit IT7 MAX Review :: Introduction

06-18-2002 · Category: Motherboards

By Niso Levitas

It sounds good to be true, but legacy free systems are now real. ABIT has done it for a second time. The first ABIT legacy free motherboard, the ABIT AT7 was for the KT333/AMD duo. This time Abit has released a legacy free board using the latest 845E chipset/Pentium 4 duo. They say the 3rd time is a charm, but Abit has done it on their second try.

There are two camps of thought on the legacy free issue, some for and some against. In my opinion, backwards compatibility is a burden for new systems. Whether we like it or not, technology continues to evolve quickly. Other than solid feature changes such as USB 2.0, model changes have not meant too much lately. Why not get rid of the dinosaur age technologies that are slowing us down?.

Scanners, printers, handhelds are better with USB. Modems may be internal, USB or just broadband modems. So why not get rid of parallel and serial ports and replace those with USB 2.0, Digital Sound, and Firewire. I am all for it. ABIT has done that with AT7 and IT7.