Motherboard: Soyo KT333 Ultra Dragon Platinum :: Installation

06-05-2002 · Category: Motherboards

By Niso Levitas

Installation of this board is piece of cake. There is just a single jumper on it and that jumper is for clearing the CMOS. Even that jumper has a header for ease of use. I saw no ergonomic or connector location problems. When you install an AGP Card it did not blocking any memory slots. If only there would have included an AGP securing mechanism and a protective film around CPU Socket this board would be the first one to get a perfect installation and ergonomics score.

There are BIOS settings for CPU and Overclocking galore. You can set the CPU Clock up to 255 MHz by 1 MHz stepping. You can also push the clock multiplier up to 14x manually.

If you would like to pump more energy to CPU you may set its Voltage from 1.1 to 1.85 V by 0.025 Volt stepping. There were two more settings for the overclocker's taste. You may increase DDR Voltage from 2.5 to 2.8. When you overclock, you increase the Bus for PCI and AGP too. For more stability, you may increase the voltage for this bus separately. It works when you individually overclock your Video card too.

Those settings were on one main BIOS page. You will see a C.I.H 4 Way Protection Setting. The setting definition of this feature changes from board to board. Basically it protects your BIOS from getting flashed by a nasty virus which may turn your system unbootable. Win CIH virus (Chernobyl) is that kind of virus. When you enable this option only specific BIOS utilities may flash the BIOS or you have to disable it when flashing the BIOS. You may see this setting as BIOS Flash Protection on some boards.