Motherboard: Asus A7V333 Review :: Introduction

05-23-2002 · Category: Motherboards

By Doc Overclock

For one reason or another, this has been a very sought after review as many of the readers here have asked in the forums or via email when this review would post. For those of you who fit that description the wait is over and the results are finally in. This review took a little longer than anticipated to get out due to that fact that the first board we received from our good friends at was a defective unit and had to be exchanged for a working product. For those of you not familiar, JNCS is one of the best and oldest places to purchase your boards on the Internet.

ASUS is a household name to anybody who is into the PC game and they are also the company that has held on to the number one position for the last half of a decade. Known for their stable and usually overclocker friendly motherboards ASUS has been a favorite board of the enthusiast's crowd. Never being a company who lagged in new features has also helped establish them as a premier manufacturer of quality motherboards. Many reviewers are very satisfied with their products and have garnished them with awards for their excellence.

VIA Technologies has also established themselves quite well in the chipset market and has many viable and solid solutions available for integration. Their most recent entry the KT333 is currently the fastest chipset available for the AMD platform. The all-new ASUS A7V333 is built around this performance savvy chipset and should prove to be another winner for this veteran mobo maker. The competition in this category has been pretty stiff so far since Gigabyte, ABIT and MSI all have entries in this arena with boards that are nothing to sneeze at. That being said it will have to really perform to come out on top in this event. Follow along as we take a trip into the A7V333 from ASUS.