Motherboard: MSI 645E MAX2 LRU Review :: Introduction

05-21-2002 · Category: Motherboards

By Niso Levitas

MSI needs no introduction. They design sophisticated boards using almost every chipset and they are always one of the top three manufacturers. What we can introduce and talk about is SiS. I have developed prejudice for SiS products through the years due to the instability they displayed. I really disliked their VGA products. SiS has put its name on cheap, slow, and unstable products in the past. I have always stayed away from testing their products. But now it is time to make my peace with SiS.

I waited until I started hearing some compliments about their chipsets. So it is time to put it on the test bench.. The SiS 645DX Chipset is the first chipset which supports 533 MHz (Quad pumped 133MHz) Bus Pentium 4 CPU's. It looks like they tried to add every feature as standard. Let's have a look.