Motherboard: Abit KX7-333 :: Conclusion

05-15-2002 · Category: Motherboards

By Doc Overclock

What you get with the KX7-333R is a well-balanced blend of features and performance options. Did I like this board you ask? Absolutely, as it is easy to setup and offers the user a very easy interface in the form of the SOFTMENU III BIOS options, and the thermal death protection features that enhances the boards appeal by protecting your CPU from burn out.

I feel the boards deserves an Editor's Choice award due to the fact that it ran smooth as melted butter and offered no resistence to the user in its default or overclocked state. The board was also stable overclocked to 1800MHz and was rather a simple event of altering the systems FSB and voltage options by a slight margin to get solid results. ABIT has done a good job with the KX7-333R it is a true enthusiasts motherboard from start to finish and should catch on quite well in the open market.

Doc out