Motherboard: Abit KX7-333 :: Introduction

05-15-2002 · Category: Motherboards

By Doc Overclock

Most freaks, tweaks, and geeks have either wanted to or have toyed around on an ABIT motherboard and enjoyed the benefits of their patented SOFTMENU I-III technology. Back before overclocking was a household word among the faithful and most people thought it was a passing fad there was ABIT venturing into unknown territory.

This is the company that helped pioneer the entire overclocking scene as it exists today. You can see in many of the boards made today that their idea's have shaped many of the available options in the BIOS. Setting the standards for jumper free setup and overclocking options that anyone could understand and implement.

ABIT the long time dominator in the enthusiasts and overlockers market are at bat once again, this time the designated hitter is the new KX7-333R and it hits a homer at its first step up to the plate. Born and bred from the VIA KT333 chipset means the KX7-333R's performance should be very stable and fast on this four layer 305mm x 245mm sized PCB.

This is a very feature enriched motherboard that although not as cutting edge as the AT7, still offers us enthusiasts many of the things that we love without sacrificing the familiar PS/2 ports that have become the stable of our basic peripheral diet. Keep reading and find out why the KX7-333R is an award-winning motherboard.