Motherboard: ECS K7S6A Review :: Installation

05-10-2002 · Category: Motherboards

By Doc Overclock

Installation went along quite smoothly as all the settings are changed within the Award BIOS and no jumpers need to be set prior to posting the motherboard. Depending what parts you are using the motherboard will automatically detect your CPU and memory settings making the task of setup even easier for the end user.

I did encounter a problem with using Corsair's PC2700 memory. When using the Corsair product the system would not ever work properly or let me install my OS. This was a problem until I changed the memory to my Crucial 256MB DDR333 stick that solved that little dilemma.

I did make a couple of changes in the BIOS such as changing the memory bus from 133MHZ to 166MHz and changing the Bank Interleave settings to four way instead of the default setting of disabled. This will help in the overall performance of the system.

Windows installation was accomplished without incident, as were the additional system drivers off the CD for the AGP port and audio. Overall installation went okay other than the RAM issue that will probably worked out in a later BIOS revision that addresses the problem.

These are the Jumpers and their settings:

  • JP1: Clears CMOS 1-2: Normal/2-3: Clear
  • JP2: KB wake-up feature 1-2: Enable/2-3: Disable
  • JP3: BIOS protection Open: Disable/ Closed: Enable

FIDJP: CPU ratio selector

Enables you to set the CPU ratio.

1-2 3-4 5-6 7-8 9-10 Ratio
Open Open Open Open Open 10.5
Open Open Open Open Short 6.5
Open Open Open Short Open 8.5
Open Open Open Short Short 12.5 (higher)
Open Open Short Open Open 9.5
Open Open Short Open Short 5.5
Open Open Short Short Open 7.5
Open Open Short Short Short 11.5
Open Short Open Open Open 10.0
Open Short Open Open Short 6.0
Open Short Open Short Open 8.0
Open Short Open Short Short 12.0
Open Short Short Open Open 9.0
Open Short Short Open Short 5.0
Open Short Short Short Open 7.0
Open Short Short Short Short 11.0