Motherboard: MSI K7D MASTER :: Performance

05-06-2002 · Category: Motherboards

By Niso Levitas

Stability & Compatibility

You can review our stability/compatibility testing methods here.

Test System

We couldn't plug in all of the cards we normally install in our base system, because there were only 3 PCI Slots. So we did not install the modem for the compatibility tests. Our compatibility tests passed flawless but it took two days to make Sysmark 2001 work on the system. We had to tweak the registry to make it work. But once it worked, it was really fast with Dual CPU.


We ran our standard tests. Those tests will show you the workstation performance of AMD Dual systems. For serious server tests, you have to hook-up a lot of clients (About 60) and use eTestinglabs Netbench and Web bench on them. So we are leaving that part to server review sites. We will discuss workstation results. I was reading articles on how dual configurations work slower than single CPU systems for some tests and how it kicks ass on other applications. Until testing, it was hard to believe. First I applied tests with Dual CPU, and then I took one CPU out and repeated the tests. After seeing funny looking results I repeated all the tests again twice. My results were not funny after all. Let's see.

SYSMark 2001 - Dual 217 / Single 187

Sysmark 2001 is a complete multi tasking system. For instance, it compresses video when it is playing with photos. Other than multitasking power, for some special photo filters and video compressing, dual CPU systems are flexing their muscles. We saw a 15% percent increase in performance for this test.

3DMark 2001 - Dual 6944 / Single 7314

We saw a 5-6% decrease in the performance for 3Dmark. Single CPU handles this test better than a Dual CPU setup. So optimized programs work really fast but some standard applications, even when it uses 3D may not benefit from a dual CPU system.


All results are similar other than Design view. We saw a significant drop in Design view performance with dual CPU system.

Quake III - Dual 152.4 / Single 159.9

Again we saw a 5-6% decrease on Quake III with dual CPU system.

This means, if you are frequently editing video with compression formats like DIVX, or a professional page designer who uses Photoshop as a shell, or a Render Farmer (they don't grow plants!) it is to your advantage to use a dual system as a workstation. If you are not configuring a server, or you are not in the above categories, stop dreaming about kick-ass dual CPU systems. Unfortunately it kicks your own ass.