Motherboard: MSI K7D MASTER :: Installation

05-06-2002 · Category: Motherboards

By Niso Levitas

The board was completely jumperless, excluding the Clear CMOS jumper. Installation was very easy. Just a few things like the protective film around CPU, and an AGP Card lock were missing. Installing those heatsinks is always trouble, and in this case double-trouble. When you try to install the heatsink and fan its possible to damage the board. The metal clip sometimes hits the board hard no matter how careful you are.

You can set frequency and voltage setting on one BIOS page. Frequency range and options were pretty limited, but for a dual system it was normal. 133/138/140/144/150 MHz frequency settings were allowed. I tried overclocking with dual CPU but I saw lockups. With single CPU it worked fine in overclocked state. Dual CPU configuration makes the system more sensitive to overclocking. Actually we are not supposed to overclock a server or workstation.

You can adjust the clock multiplier 5x to 12,5x if your CPU is not locked or you know how to tweak it. Of course you need to pump more power in if you like to overclock. You can adjust core voltage 1.1 to 1.85V by 0.025V steps. There were no settings to change AGP and memory voltage.