Motherboard: MSI K7D MASTER :: Introduction

05-06-2002 · Category: Motherboards

By Niso Levitas

What is the hype about dual CPU motherboards, and who uses them anyway? For a standard user, a dual processor system means nothing. Standard applications, including the most powerful 3D games, do not benefit from dual CPU systems.

Other than the server side of the IT road, we can consider dual CPU workstation users as a minority, but they are the most creative part of IT life. Game designers, animation creators, film industry users, photo editors, page designers, or power end-users who want to work on their home video recordings. Owning a dual CPU rig is not a big deal price wise comparing to three years ago. It is fairly affordable and well worth the money for a dual CPU motherboard for users who have applications that can utilize a dual processor setup.

The server and workstation side of Dual CPU system design are closer than ever. IT managers want reliable, cheap solutions, which can fit into rack mount systems with a minimum "U" count. Some manufacturers are trying to satisfy the cheap server and workstation market at the same time. The AMD 760MPX Chipset motherboards are aimed at that market.