Motherboard: Abit AT7 MAX Review :: Conclusion

05-02-2002 · Category: Motherboards

By Doc Overclock

ABIT took a big leap when they designed the AT7 and put themselves at the risk of looking bad if this board could not tread water. Luckily for them and us it panned out pretty nicely and scored some very decent performance points as well. Not quite groundbreaking mind you but still viable when compared to other KT333 boards so far reviewed.

I have to give credit to ABIT as it took a lot of guts to release this motherboard. I cannot give the board the Editors Choice award due to the fact that there were some stability problems with both memory and SYSmark. This fact leaves a wide-open space for users to encounter problems with their system configuration. There are so many different types of RAM and software out there that many people would find themselves with an unstable product. In ABIT's defense I will say that with the proper memory and software the AT7 has some serious potential and maybe a BIOS flash or two will pick up the pace and help with stability. After all this is the first board of its type and will probably become the building block for many board to come. Well then, until next time my good friends I bid you adieu.

Doc out