Motherboard: Abit AT7 MAX Review :: Introduction

05-02-2002 · Category: Motherboards

By Doc Overclock

Hot off the presses and into our labs comes the latest and most innovative motherboard to hit the market in almost 10 years. The ABIT MAX dares to go where no board has gone before and is the first motherboard to be completely Legacy free. This is taking a risky leap into the future for the company, as no one yet knows how the public will receive this board.

Legacy devices are Industry-Standard Architecture (ISA) devices that do not adhere to the Plug and Play standard. What this means is that each Legacy devise must be setup by its own jumpers to determine its place in the systems configuration. Having a Plug and Play system helps with this as in the BIOS you can tell where open recourses are available making the task of avoiding conflicting devices much easier.

ABIT has decided to do away with all things from the old school and embrace only the latest in technology with the AT7. The basic concept behind the AT7 is that by eliminating the slower Legacy technology there would be increased available system bandwidth that in theory should help speed up the board's overall performance levels.

Their new AT7 uses only USB and IEEE for input ports a fact that may prove to be biting off a bit more than they can chew as many people still use PS2 peripherals. While in theory this system design may work only real world tests can prove or disprove this boards ability. Interested? Read the whole review to get all the details of this new age motherboard from ABIT.