Motherboard: FIC AN11 Stealth Review :: Conclusion

04-11-2002 · Category: Motherboards

By Doc Overclock

Very basic but able to hold its own against other boards of its same class the AN11 Stealth is starting to show its age as faster more feature enhanced motherboards hit the market on a daily basis. There is really nothing negative about the board itself as it runs stable. The AN11 is just very middle of the road as far as features go in the current scheme of things.

I used this motherboard for many tests for VGA cards/memory and it was stable even with the notorious GF4MX-440 known to be incompatible with some KT266A chipset boards so compatibility is not going to be an issue with the AN11. I know this motherboard does not hit the target well enough for an Editors choice but it is still a very viable and affordable motherboard for the AMD platform. Alex the main marketing man for FIC has promised a motherboard based on a chipset from video lifers ATI that he says shows promise. I hope you enjoyed the review, so until next time folks see you in the forums.

Doc out