Motherboard: FIC AN11 Stealth Review :: Introduction

04-11-2002 · Category: Motherboards

By Doc Overclock

First International Computer or FIC is a company that has had many ups and downs in their long history. FIC had a huge success with their VA-503+. This motherboard worked with both AMD and Intel CPUs back in the days before the split of platforms created the very separate AMD and Intel camps seen today.

The VA-503+ was the product that really put their name on the map, and I have not seen anything they have done top that yet. Not to say they have not released any quality products since then as they have had many good products hit the market. It is just that nothing has been as widely used and accepted as the 503+. So far I consider the AZ11E another stand out product that did not get quite the attention I thought it would. The question now is can the AN11 Stealth become a trendsetter or will it fall in amongst the rest? To find out read on and see the whole review.