Motherboard: Transcend TS-AKR4 Review :: Conclusion

03-25-2002 · Category: Motherboards

By Niso Levitas


This board is a very simple board with minimum features on it. Simple stereo sound with an abundance of sound inputs on-board(overkill). WOL-WOR-STR functions and keyboard power on if you have a special power button on your keyboard. Live BIOS update feature is convenient. It is very cheap if you compare it to other boards on our ranking page. But even at that price we would like to see minimum 4 physical USB ports.

Stability and Compatibility

This board is very stable unless you try to overclock it. There were not enough setting options for overclocking, it is obvious they did not intend for this board to be overclocked. This board is for an OEM who doesn't want any headaches.


No hassle installation. IDE, floppy and power supply connector places were good. Jumperless CPU settings, AGP doesn't block memory slots. If they relocate a fan header to the opposite side of the board, it would be good for additional fan for upper part of our case.


The performance of this board was mediocre. The real frequency of the motherboard was the lowest of all motherboards we have seen. It was even under spec.

Package and Support

They have a fair Internet Site with standard e-mail support. We couldn't talk with tech support on the phone using their toll-free number. Standard manual and driver CD was included. There was no additional software.


When we put these kinds of motherboards against the top motherboards on a test bench, it doesn't look good. This board is better suited as an OEM product than it is to the enthusiast's market.