Motherboard: Transcend TS-AKR4 Review :: Installation

03-25-2002 · Category: Motherboards

By Niso Levitas

Installation was easy as usual, just like all jumperless motherboards. There was a 100-133 MHz frequency dipswitch setting. It was set to 133 MHz by default and it was necessary to let the BIOS handle frequency settings according to manual. You can adjust the CPU core voltage. You can check available settings on the photo.

There were no AGP or memory voltage settings. This board is not for overclocking and we saw errors on Prime95 test when we try to overclock it.

We had no problems with the component and connector locations on the motherboard. But there were three fan headers. One was for the CPU and the other two were located at the opposite side of the CPU. If you like to add a fan to the upper part of your case this could be a problem.

There was no protective film around the CPU Socket. You have to be careful when you are installing your heatsink. For most of the motherboards it is not possible to install memory modules to last rows without de-installing AGP cards, but for this board, they left enough space to install all memory modules without messing with AGP card.