Motherboard: Shuttle AV45GTR Review :: Conclusion

03-14-2002 · Category: Motherboards

By Doc Overclock

I know this review will not get me any points over with the folks at Shuttle but this board just left me feeling a bit stale. Only time will tell if this motherboard will be accepted by the end user, that and surfing the net and seeing how this board fared on other sites for comparison results. Remember that my sample board was a prototype item and results may vary. I will try and get a replacement from Shuttle and retest the board to see if we cannot get some better results here on it. I did try and RMA it once before but the board was given back to me in the same way I gave it to them.

The AV45GTR even in the best conditions would not have won an Editor's Choice award even though it overly excels in one area. But its lagging in new features which brings board down to a moderate level. Shuttle has made a better motherboard that is for sure. Maybe having their boards made by ECS is having a negative effect in the long run for them; I sure hope this is not a sign of the times to come. Hopefully the next board in line for testing from them is a better product. I understand it will be based on the SIS 645 chipset, which has impressed me so far by the boards based around that solid chipset. C'mon Shuttle lets get back on track and get some more great boards from you folks.

Doc out