Motherboard: Shuttle AV45GTR Review :: Installation

03-14-2002 · Category: Motherboards

By Doc Overclock

I did encounter some major hardware malfunctions that I hope are not inherent to this series of motherboards. This review would have been out a lot sooner but this board had intermittent problems such as not restarting and for no known reason acting as a dead board, which delayed the project immensely. This happened twice during the testing of this review and after playing musical power supplies I was able to complete the tests eventually.

During testing the system was less than completely stable as many of the programs locked up while running this motherboard. Overall I was very dissatisfied with this boards set-up as it was just too finicky for my tastes. I hate to talk down about a product, and I rarely do, but this one just bugged me due to the huge amount of time wasted on it trying to get it to just finish the tests after dead restarts.

In all fairness this was a prototype. Anyways the motherboard does auto-detect everything so you do not need to use any jumpers at least to get set-up rolling along. You can alter your memory settings as well as your CPU's clock speed and FSB settings to achieve overclocking results.

I really did not play around with the overclocking features since I was already swimming upstream without a paddle and did not want to push my luck any further than I already had. Windows did install properly and without problems but after the initial Windows screen posting any restarts engaged by Windows were usually met with a no post system until changing power supplies, which leaves me wondering if the problem is based in the power phasing function of the AV45. If it did not have these damnable restarts the motherboard would have been a walk in the park instead of the board that had me calling the Hair Club for Men.