Motherboard: Shuttle AV45GTR Review :: Introduction

03-14-2002 · Category: Motherboards

By Doc Overclock

Shuttle, the long time kings of the mid-level product market have taken an amazing turn over the last year and have started making very performance and feature oriented motherboards that have received acclaim across the global web. One of their most popular boards was the AK31 VER 3.1, a fast and stable overclocker for the AMD platform that won an Editor's Choice award here at, and at many other sites as well.

One of their latest contestants, the AV45 GTR, is a semi-feature oriented motherboard targeted at the mid-range market level as a viable desktop solution. This motherboards release falls in the wake of some of the best boards made by Shuttle in years, so it has large shoes to fill. This review is a little late coming but we will get to the reasons for that later down the line. Shuttle has done much to change their corporate image in the United States and has done a good job so far. Does the AV45 stand up to its peers or fall into the land of mediocrity? Read the whole review and then make the judgement yourself.