Motherboard: Soltek SL-75DRV5 Review (KT333) :: Conclusion

03-11-2002 · Category: Motherboards

By Niso Levitas


The CPU Anti-burn protection is the best of its class. The fastest and newest chipset powered this motherboard. 5 PCI Slots are not bad but top motherboards have 6 PCI Slots. And we expect more features from top motherboards. This board could be easily a winner with more features. The included features are enough to satisfy the standard customer, but in our ranking there are boards that exceeded our maximum feature score. You can find what we expect from a motherboard in our scoring page.

Stability and Compatibility

After upgrading the BIOS we could not see any problems in our fierce stability and compatibility tests. You can review our stability/compatibility testing methods here.


Easy jumperless installations, plus dipswitch for OEM control. There were no annoying ergonomic problems. I hope they increase the film area around the socket for safety, wipe those AGP Voltage and other jumpers from the motherboard, and include them in BIOS settings.


This is the best performer AMD motherboard in its class as of this day (March 8,2002)

Package and Support

They have a fair Internet Site, improved e-mail support, detailed manuals, and an excellent software package. I hope they add the USB bracket as promised.


This board is the new kid on the block based on the new KT333 chipset. It is simply the best performer we have tested to date. It had good software package and very detailed settings for overclockers, although for power users we expect more features.