Motherboard: Soyo P4S Dragon Ultra Review :: Conclusion

03-08-2002 · Category: Motherboards

By Doc Overclock

I was very impressed with this motherboard and would heartily recommend it to any user seeking a solid reliable and very performance oriented product for the backbone of their system. I was very surprised that an SIS chipset product could do so well which proves even old dogs can learn new tricks as proven by SOYO in their using the SIS645 in such a positive way. SOYO has taken a good chipset and turned it into one of the nicest motherboards for the Socket 478 Intel P4 available today.

This board qualifies as a winner for both the office and hobbyist user making it a definite Editor's Choice item. I can say that this is a motherboard that you will like for your desktop applications regardless of your need. SOYO has some other very interesting motherboards that you should see reviewed very shortly here at the That makes this one a wrap folks any more commentary and MoboCop will have a cranium explosion, so until next time.

Doc out