Motherboard: Soyo P4S Dragon Ultra Review :: Installation

03-08-2002 · Category: Motherboards

By Doc Overclock

The P4S-Ultra motherboard is a completely jumper-free product that is controlled entirely through the BIOS for ease of use. You get all the options necessary for obtaining a successful overclocked CPU. Adjustments are available for clock speed, FSB, core voltage, memory voltage, and AGP voltage for maximum control. You can also adjust the PCI and AGP bus ratio with different settings, a feat that can come in quite handy when experimenting with different FSB clock speeds.

A little tip here, the voltage increase of the CPU only needs to be done if the system will boot but not post into Windows. Only massive overclocking usually requires the increase of the core and memory voltage to add stability. If the system will not even post, a voltage increase will probably not help to achieve solid results. I was able to get my 2.0GHz P4 Northwood up to 2.5GHz using only air-cooling with successful results. I adjusted the FSB to 125MHz and increased the core voltage to 1.700V and the memory voltage to 2.6V. My Crucial memory worked just fine cranked up even though they do not officially support overclocking.

There are hardware monitor features available for keeping track of your CPU and system fan speeds as well as your CPU and system temperatures. You can also adjust the CAS latency value of your RAM from 2.5 to 2.0, increasing performance by a good margin all around. For the beginner the system does auto-detect the CPU speed and the other devices so just about anyone should find it easy to work with. Windows XP picked up all the drivers, but we installed all the latest drivers and then flash the BIOS if the need arises. In the end it was a very easy and fairly straightforward motherboard to work with allowing for a multitude of custom performance and system options. If for some strange reason you want to disable the on-board LAN or sound it can be done in the BIOS also. Lets see how well the board performed in our tests shall we.