Motherboard: MSI KT3 Ultra-ARU :: Installation

03-06-2002 · Category: Motherboards

By Doc Overclock

Depending on what route you decide to go in your configuration delegates the amount of setup difficulty you will encounter with the KT3. The RAID is tricky if you have not done it before but can be accomplished if the proper time is taken to learn the procedure. This is where the abbreviation RTFM comes in quite handy as without reading the manual you will be lost entirely.

RAID is not the demon to configure as the urban myth might have you believe but it does take more time to go through the steps it takes to do it properly. After the initial boot screen the RAID BIOS screen is shown and you must make changes in here to complete the procedure before formatting your hard drives in the RAID array configuration.

If you are just doing a standard IDE configured system things are pretty normal. Make sure to set your RAM to 333MHz if that is the type of memory you are going to use. I really would not suggest using PC2400/DDR300, as the performance seems to drag when using anything other than the PC2700/DDR333 memory that the board was designed to use.

In the course of testing this board I installed Windows 98, Millennium and finally XP, as this is the OS we test on. I did this just to see if any errors were immediately noticeable and that the different operating systems would install. I encountered no errors either hardware or software based when running the KT3. It was smooth sailing all the way around.