Motherboard: Abit BD7-RAID Review :: Performance

02-28-2002 · Category: Motherboards

By Doc Overclock

The Abit BD7-RAID pulls ahead of any of the boards we used in last weeks roundup in SYSmark2001 where it pulled an even score of 200, the fastest we have seen yet. The 3D scores were quite impressive also and showed the board to be a solid player in all positions of the field. Even though the scores used for our comparisons are based off the standard configuration the BD7-RAID performed even better overclocked.

Even when pushed to a 115MHz FSB the system was still stable with an increase in both the memory and CPU core voltage. The CPU voltage would only go to 1.65mV but it still worked very well. Better results could definitely be obtained with increased CPU core voltage. The core voltage options should go at least at least to 1.85mv to get stable results at higher FSB speeds.

3DMark 2001

SysMark 2001


Quake III

  • 165.1