The Best of VIA: KT266A Motherboard Roundup :: MSI K7T266 PRO-RU

02-13-2002 · Category: Motherboards

By Niso Levitas
MSI K7T266 Pro-R (MS-6380) Spec Sheet
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Part NumberK7T266 Pro-R (MS-6380)
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North Bridge
Processor Types
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Front Side Bus
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External Graphics
South Bridge
Expansion Slots
Form Factor

MSI K7T266 PRO-RU Scores
Stability and Compatibility25|25
Package & Support10|10

I don't want to write about all the features that you can easily understand from the comparison chart in the conclusion page. These days MSI is shooting for the top. They are not the top performers. We count the performance results but I think features are the most important thing on a board. Believe me, this board is full of features. The best thing, there are 8 USB Ports. Four of them support 1.1, and the other four supports both 2.0 and 1.1. We prefer 6 PCI Slots for this kind of motherboard but five is OK. It supports Universal AGP so you don't have to worry about AGP Voltage if you want to keep your old AGP card till you buy a new one. And the security lock for AGP Card is cool. Especially for OEM and shipping this is good(prevents the card from coming loose in shipping).

For an enthusiast motherboard 2 more IDE channels and RAID is important. Overclocking functions are not as bad as some sites have stated. You can either do it in BIOS or use Fuzzy Logic software under Windows. You can increase the memory voltage too. If they had supplied active cooling for chipset it would be better. But it passed our overclocking tests.

You can update the BIOS and drivers in Windows by utilities supplied on the CD if you are connected to the net. You don't have to mess with boot-up diskettes.

Wake on LAN, Keyboard power on, it has the many features out of the 40 in our list. For Package and support PCCilin Antivirus software was in the package and they picked up the phone within 2 minutes and gave the correct answer. They just have phone support, no e-mail support but hey, if phone support is that quick, then it is OK. Their Internet site and BIOS, driver updates are always in shape. Their manuals, CD's were detailed and necessary information was printed clearly on the board. Package gets 10 out of 10.

Numbers are talking they are saying this is the best board you can buy for AMD. I just can't understand why it doesn't have any kind of CPU burning security. I hope we see it on their new motherboards.