Showdown at the Intel Corral: i845d Chipset :: Introduction

02-11-2002 · Category: Motherboards

By Doc Overclock

A shootout of five i845D motherboards

[A note from MoboCop]

This review introduces our new comprehensive motherboard review scoring system. We have spent much time and effort to deliver what we feel is the most accurate, balanced, and fair ranking system on the web today for reviewing motherboards. The following shootout and others to follow were born from the need to get standard test results for a specific platform so that we could judge the performance of each motherboard fairly. We are providing full details of our scoring system and our base test platforms for each review we publish. If you are interested you may view our complete scoring system here and how we setup and test for reviews here.

[end of note]

In this first round of tests we decided to turn to the Intel i845D chipset due to its recent launching and see how well the currently released crop of motherboards based on the i845D compare. This chipset breaks new ground for the folks at Intel and has caused quite a stir in the memory field. Since the release of the i845Ds the price of memory has gone through the roof as it seems these companies are now trying to gouge us in our pocketbooks. Perhaps they think that if there is now an Intel chipset that supports DDR they can make a few quick bucks off you and me Joe Q public while the picking is ripe.

I did not include the Intel 845BG in this roundup due to its lack of performance because it is not the proper board to represent the i845D chipset as its scores were shall we say less than fantastic all the way around. All the boards chosen for this event are top-notch boards by well-recognized companies that usually put out a better board than the average silicon that passes across my desk. Who will win? Who will lose? Read all of the review to get the full scoop of these fine motherboards and see who comes out as the top dog as the smoke clears in this shootout at the Intel corral.