Motherboard: MSI K7N420 Pro Review :: Conclusion

12-12-2001 · Category: Motherboards

By Doc Overclock


I did have a little trouble getting Windows Me to run properly but that was only a minor thing and was resolved quickly. Other than that everything was rock solid and ran fine.


I encountered no errors, except I did have some LAN issues with Windows Me as I stated before but all the parts and system tests worked fine and without problems. The Me issue was driver related and a not hardware incompatibility.


MSI has support in many areas of the world. They care about their customer relations, and have a good staff and RMA team to help you if you need it. They have shipped me drivers out the same day I have called them, and have always been polite and professional in their actions. They have Web sites and telephone numbers, so they can be reached fairly easily for your convenience. Like always it is possible to get a person having a bad day or someone running a little behind but overall they have a good staff.


I have now been using this motherboard in house for over two weeks and the system has been continuously stable and has run without error. This being a new to market chipset I was expecting there to be more issues with the board than there was in actuality. As a beginner or light gamer/ office user this is a perfect match due to its very straightforward interface and setup options and the fact that everything you need is already available on-board.

Everything that is available on-board can be disabled so enthusiasts can use this board. The only drawback is this motherboard is very limiting in the overclocking arena that is the cornerstone of the enthusiast power user market. I think most people will find this a likeable product with enough of what it takes to be a competitive player in today's ever-changing market place. As I said before this board just has an Intel feel to it and the on-board sound is just fantastic. So the purchase of a different sound card would be self-defeating, as this is as good as it gets as far as sound is concerned. Overall a nice solid package is to be had in the MSI K7N420.

Doc Out