Motherboard: MSI K7N420 Pro Review :: Installation

12-12-2001 · Category: Motherboards

By Doc Overclock

Installation on the K7N420 is a rather simple affair as the performance setup is all done within the BIOS and does not require any jumpers to be set on the board. After hitting the Delete key, which takes you into the Award BIOS, I set the system to the optimal performance defaults that the manual says the manufacturer recommends as the best settings for the motherboard and your other system parts.

This is true to a point, the settings are set up pretty much as optimal but the memory timing and CAS delay never changes. So I manually set the memory to a higher performance CAS 2 setting instead of the default setting of 2.5. Better memory performance can speed up frame rates in games and make running memory intensive programs have better overall response times.

Other than that it is just a simple matter of putting your system together and installing your software. This is a good board for the beginner as it is a very straightforward installation with nothing out of the ordinary to look out for. There are some settings in the display controller but not nearly as many as with an inline AGP card. All in all this was a very easy task to accomplish and should prove to be a winner for them.