Motherboard: MSI K7N420 Pro Review :: Introduction

12-12-2001 · Category: Motherboards

By Doc Overclock

MSI is well known on this site and around the world as the company that wants to be the number one bad boy in the Silicon manufacturing market. Always keeping in step with ASUS has earned them the second place spot in the world of motherboard manufacturers for the past few years. They are constantly trying to reinvent themselves and gain ground in the technology field. This fact has kept them growing for the past few years, in a market that has slowed down considerably for most companies.

At one point you had only Intel chipsets to contend with, but today chipset makers are popping up all over the place like wildflowers. The latest player in this chipset game is nVIDIA, you know the graphics cards reining king of pumping pixels. They have entered the field with a new chipset of their own called the nForce, intended for the lower end desktop market. MSI is one of the first companies to get this motherboard ready for prime time and if you want to get all the details of this latest wildcard read on and check out the whole review.