Cooler Master Inferno Gaming Mouse Review :: Introduction

08-22-2010 · Category: Hardware - Misc

By Benjamin Sun

The need for a mouse dedicated to gaming came about with the advent of Quake for the PC as the game was a First Person Shooter that required quick reflexes and very good hand-eye coordination. The first gaming mice had a resolution of only 2000 DPI and gamers such as Jonathan Fatal1ty Wendel and others have popularized games like Quake 2 and so many others have made gaming mice popular peripherals for the hardcore gamers.

Cooler Master is a company that has pioneered cooling on the computer. They have also gotten in the gaming markets with cases, power supplies and gaming mice among other computer related accessories. Cooler Master has a line of gaming accessories called the CM Storm with cases and gaming mice. Today's review is on the Cooler Master Storm Inferno gaming mouse. This is the second Cooler Master mouse I've reviewed after the Storm Sentinel Advance mouse it should be interesting.