SilverStone SUGO SG07-W CaseReview :: Introduction

08-11-2010 · Category: Hardware - Cases

By Benjamin Sun

Full scale computers are getting ever smaller with the advent of mini-ITX motherboards that take full scale Core i7 LGA-1156 CPUs and the advent of cases that take advantage of the size of the smaller form factor while still maintaining compatibility with full-length video cards like the ATI RADEON HD 5970 cards with two HD 5870 cores.

SilverStone is a case manufacturer based in Taiwan that was founded in 2003. They have ISO 9001 Certification and have a slew of designs for cases, HDD enclosures, Power Supplies, mice, optical drives, fans and much more. They introduced the SUGO SG01 Micro ATX case in 2005 as the first in a line of SFF (Small Form Factor) cases. The SUGO SG05 SFF case based upon the Mini-ITX form factor was introduced in 2005. One issue with the SG05 was the 300W PSU which is fine for a regular video card but might cause issues with video cards requiring more power like the HD 5970 or HD 5870. SilverStone, in fact recommends a 450W PSU for the HD 5850 on that case instead of the 300W one included. SilverStone decided to make a leap with their newest case providing a 600W PSU as standard equipment. As such, video cards like the HD 5970 and GeForce GTX 480 will be supported by the new case. Today's review is on the new SilverStone SG07 enclosure.