ASUS Cine5 Speaker Review :: Introduction

07-20-2010 · Category: Hardware - Misc

By Benjamin Sun

Speakers are notoriously known for taking up a lot of space especially for those 7.1 surround setups that have so many wires and subwoofers, that It can be confusing to install, and bulky. ASUS is the number one manufacturer of video cards and motherboards in Taiwan. They also do laptops, cell phones and many other related accessories including sound cards and speakers. Their Cine5 is on the review bench today and is said to be the smallest 5-speaker system in the world. Speakers have many uses including sounds in games, listening to music, watching Blu-ray movies with sound and many more uses. This is in fact the first 5 Speaker solution I have ever seen contained with a singular speaker. It should prove very illuminating indeed so let’s see what the speakers are all about.