Kingston 256GB SNP325-S2/256GB SSD Review :: Introduction

07-16-2010 · Category: Hardware - Hard Drives

By Benjamin Sun

The world of storage media was forever changed with the introduction of the hard disk drive way back in 1956. Recently, HDDs have increased in storage space so that now there are 3 Terabyte hard disks on the market. A Terabyte is a trillion bytes of information, and as you can imagine that is a lot of space. Enthusiasts want the best sustained speed on their computers and the HDD has been supplanted by the Solid State Drive.

Solid State Drives are in a class of their own when it comes to performance when compared to HDDs. The benefits of larger storage space have prevented the SSD from selling as well as could be expected due to the higher capacities, and lower prices per gigabyte for the hard disk. The SSD drive has a maximum size of 512GB at the moment, with costs exceeding $1000 for drives of that size. Kingston is a memory manufacturer that manufactures SSD drives and today’s review is of the new 256GB SSD Now V-Series V+ SATA2 2.5 Upgrade bundle kit drive.