Thermaltake ARMOR A90 Case Review :: Introduction

06-18-2010 · Category: Hardware - Cases
Thermaltake once again scores with the release of the new Armor A90 case, good features, nice looks and a price tag of under a $100.00 gets them a Hot Product Award in the affordable, but elegant enclosure category.

By Benjamin Sun

With the advent of Computex in a couple of days in Taiwan the major computer component makers are sure to have a slew of new products to show off at the show. Case manufacturers are likely to have many new cases to show off. Thermaltake offers a wide variety of computer components including cooling solutions, cases and Power Supplies. Their ARMOR line of Full Tower cases has recently been joined by a couple of mid-Tower cases which are based upon the same philosophy but designed to fit in a smaller area than the Full-Tower ATX cases. Today’s review is on the ARMOR A90 mid-Tower case from Thermaltake.