Thecus N7700PRO NAS Review :: Introduction

06-08-2010 · Category: Hardware - Misc

By Benjamin Sun

Network Attached Servers are used for file storage, FTP servers and other uses. Thecus is a manufacturer of NAS devices with many already reviewed by myself including the N5200 Pro which has five drive bays is a favorite of mine. Last year Thecus released the N7700 which has seven drive bays and a Celeron CPU at its core. With the plethora of choices for NAS computing Thecus has decided to up the ante by releasing a N7700 Pro with 4GB of memory and a Core 2 Duo for the CPU. Todayís review is on the Thecus N7700 Pro NAS Server which features support for Intelís 10GBE card that is due to be available soon and more.