AMD Athlon II X4 960T OEM CPU Review :: Introduction

05-16-2010 · Category: Hardware -

By Elric Phares

Good things come to those who wait. At least that is what AMD wants you to believe on their new Thuban processors. The advantage of their solutions is that generally the Intel 6 core CPUs are uber-expensive with the 980X being the only consumer 6-core Intel CPU on the market right now. AMD on the other hand, has two 6-core CPUs on the market and also has several 4 core CPUs on the same basic core. One major difference between AMD and Intel is that the AMD CPUs with 6 cores run under $300 online while the Intel 6 core CPUs have only one expensive choice in the 980X.

While generally, Intel CPUs are better in terms of performance, the AMD 6 core CPUs are not competing against Intel 980X, but against Intel CPUs in the same price range, the Core i7 930. The wild card in this whole equation is on the AMD 4 core CPUs on the same node as the 6 core CPUs. The 960T is not as yet available on the market today, despite being announced at the same time as the 1055T and 1090T processors. This is actually a 6 core Thuban with two of the cores disabled. As motherboards on the 890GX and 890FX families are announced, many of them will support unlocking the extra two cores on the 4 core CPU like the BIOSTAR, ASUS and GIGABYTE ones that support AMD OverDrive with Advanced Clock Calibration. This means that many people will be able to get a new 6 core CPU for the same cost as a 4 core CPU from AMD. This review is on the AMD Phenom II 960T processor.