A-DATA AS592S-32GM-C 32GB SSD Review :: The Bundle

05-02-2010 · Category: Hardware - Hard Drives

By Benjamin Sun
  • A-Data 500 Series AS592S-32GM-C 2.5 32GB SATA II MLC Internal Solid State Drive
  • Quick Start Guide

A-DATA ships the S592 in a small white box. The left hand side of the box has a multi-colored hummingbird. The A-DATA logo is on the top right hand corner of the box along with the capacity of the drive (32GB), the form factor (2.5 SATA II SSD), the model number and the technical specifications of the drive (Read and Write speeds).

A-DATA AS592S-32GM-C 32GB SSD Review Front and back

Front and back

A-DATA AS592S-32GM-C 32GB SSD Review Packaging


A-DATA AS592S-32GM-C 32GB SSD Review Drive


Opening the box up requires a cutter or a small knife as there is tape on each end blocking the opening preventing tampering with the drive without opening the box first. The drive itself is held inside the box with a plastic tray that also contains a Quick Installation Guide. The bundle is sufficient for anyone as the user will not likely need software and plugging in the drive to a Windows 7 system will have it detected.